What If You Don’t Replace Your Spark Plugs On Time?

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What If You Don't Replace Your Spark Plugs On Time?

If you don’t replace your spark plugs on time, you will eventually experience engine problems. When the spark plugs aren’t replaced, the fuel-air mixture in the engine will not be correct, which can cause a variety of issues. The most common symptom of worn-out spark plugs is poor performance or acceleration.


You may also notice that your car is harder to start than usual and runs rough when you’re driving. If you continue to drive with bad spark plugs, you could damage your engine beyond repair. We’ll go in-depth into what happens when you don’t replace your spark plugs on time. We’ll discuss the consequences of this decision.


Reduced Fuel Efficiency


Reducing fuel efficiency is one of the most immediate effects of not replacing your spark plugs on time. This happens because, over time, deposits can build up on the spark plugs. When this transpires, it causes the engine to misfire. Misfiring wastes fuel and reduces your overall mileage per gallon. You may even see a full mile per gallon decrease.


If you like to save money at the pump, then this is something you’ll want to avoid. Otherwise, you will spend more on gas, and your car will also produce more emissions. This is bad for the environment and can even lead to costly repairs.


Bad Acceleration


Another symptom of not changing your spark plugs on time is poor acceleration. This happens because the spark plugs are not firing correctly, which in turn causes the engine to misfire. The misfires cause the engine to run lean, making it hard for the car to accelerate. It can even cause the vehicle to stall. If you’re experiencing bad acceleration, it’s time to change your spark plugs.


Poor Engine Performance


You’ll notice a decline in engine performance. Your car will have a hard time starting, and it will run roughly when idling. These are all signs that your spark plugs need to be replaced.


Increased Emissions


You’ll likely see an increase in emissions from your vehicle. The pollutants emitted from your car will be greater, and you may even fail an emissions test if your state has one.


Increase in Engine Noise


If you don’t replace your spark plugs on time, you may notice increased engine noise. This is because the spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air/fuel mixture in the cylinders, and when they are worn out, this process is less efficient. As a result, more fuel is consumed, and more carbon deposits build up on the valves and piston heads. These deposits can cause the engine to run less smoothly and make more noise.


If you don’t replace your spark plugs on time, your car’s performance will suffer. You may notice a decrease in power, and your fuel economy will decline. In addition, your car may produce more emissions and run less smoothly. If you keep driving with old spark plugs, your car may not start at all. So be sure to replace your spark plugs on time.


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