Quick Guide To 5 Essential Fluids Your Vehicle Needs To Function Properly

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Quick Guide To 5 Essential Fluids Your Vehicle Needs To Function Properly

Your car’s machinery is complicated. It contains many moving parts and fluids that allow it to function properly. Just like your body needs water, oxygen, and other essential nutrients to stay healthy, your car needs an oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and more to run smoothly.

Here is a quick guide to some essential fluids your car needs for proper functioning. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, so always consult a professional and refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance schedule.

1. Brake Fluids

Brake fluid is a specialized hydraulic fluid used in disc brake systems. The fluid transfers braking force from the pedal to the brake pads, which then apply pressure to the brake discs to stop the car. If your brake fluid level is low, your brakes will not work as effectively, and you may eventually experience brake failure. Remember to check your brake fluid levels regularly and top them up as needed.

2. Engine Oil

The engine oil lubricates all moving parts of your engine, helping them to run smoothly and prevent excessive wear. The engine oil also cools the vehicle by dissipating heat from the engine. If your engine oil level is low, your car may overheat or suffer other damage. You should check your engine oil level at least once a month and top it up as necessary.

3. Coolants

Your car’s engine and radiator need coolant (also known as antifreeze) to keep them from overheating. In the summer, coolant helps keep your car’s engine running cool; in the winter, it prevents the water in your radiator from freezing. Please make sure you check your coolant level regularly and top it up as needed.

4. Transmission Fluid

Your vehicle has a sophisticated transmission system that needs a lubricant to keep it running smoothly. Transmission fluid helps to cool and protect the transmission and prevent wear and tear. Don’t forget to check transmission fluid levels and top it up when necessary. Your transmission system also requires the costliest repairs once it breaks down, so stay alert to its needs and top off the transmission fluid as soon as you a decline in performance.

5. Power Steering Fluid

Your car’s power steering system needs power steering fluid to function properly. A smooth power steering enhances drivability and gives your car a sporty feel. When the power steering fluid level is low, you will experience difficulty turning the steering wheel. You’ll discover the worth of this fluid when you try taking sharp turns without topping off the power steering lubricant.

So, what are you waiting for? Top up all those essential car fluids and give your vehicle the performance boost it desperately needs. Schedule a service appointment with Lakeland Hyundai today. We’ll make sure your car is running in top condition and help you stay safe on the road in Lakeland, FL.

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