Pros & Cons – Certified Pre-Owned Cars In Plant City, FL!

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Pros & Cons - Certified Pre-Owned Cars In Plant City, FL!

Certified pre-owned cars are becoming more and more popular these days. More and more people realize the perks of buying a CPO car over a used car from a private seller. However, some people are still undecided whether they should buy a CPO because it is still pricier than a used car, but it sure is as good as a brand new one!

So much confusion for a car that’s been manufacturer certified!

In this blog post, Lakeland Hyundai will address the pros and cons of certified pre-owned cars so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy one!

The Pros

Good news should always come first. Let’s dive into some of the advantages of certified pre-owned cars!

No. 1: Low Risk

When you purchase a certified pre-owned car, you’re taking on far less risk than you would be if you bought a used car from a private seller. You know that a trained and certified technician has thoroughly inspected the vehicle with CPO cars.

CPO cars also come with extended warranties that cover many (if not all) of the vehicle’s major systems. So, if something goes wrong, you can breathe easy knowing you’re covered.

No. 2: Low Cost

In addition to their excellent features. While the sticker price of a new car can be pretty hefty, CPO cars are much more affordable.

Of course, the cost of a CPO car depends on the make and model of the vehicle, in addition to its age and mileage. But overall, you can expect to save a significant amount of money by buying a CPO car.

The Cons

It’s always ideal to hear both sides of the story, so let’s look at the disadvantages of certified pre-owned cars.

No. 1: Higher Costs

Certified pre-owned cars come with a higher price tag than other used cars. So, a CPO car might not be your best option if you’re working with a limited budget.

In addition, CPO cars often come with additional costs, such as extra warranty coverage and roadside assistance. While these features can be beneficial, they also add to the overall cost of the car.

No. 2: More Limitations

The rigorous and rigid certification process often means that CPO cars must meet certain standards than regular used cars. That also means these cars have limited availability in the makes & models they are approved as.

For example, CPO cars may only be available in specific colors or have a limited number of options. And, if you’re looking for a specific type of car, you may not find a certified pre-owned option that meets your needs.


If you’re considering a CPO car, it’s essential to do your research and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. Reliability is critical, and you want to ensure you get the best possible value for your money.

Here at Lakeland Hyundai, we offer a wide selection of certified pre-owned and regular used cars. Our team is dedicated to serving Plant City, FL, helping our customers find the perfect car for their needs.

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