Car Servicing – Knowing Your Vehicle Servicing Intervals!

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Car Servicing - Knowing Your Vehicle Servicing Intervals!

Car servicing is that crucial car care activity that should not be skipped to save your money. The process warrants a complete checkup of the car’s mechanical & electrical systems, and this is divided into sections as per the mileage covered and the car’s age.

Car newbies assume car servicing is a change of oil, getting the exterior & interior detailed, and checking the air in the tires. That is not even a basic service in its entirety. There are four servicing processes with different & supplementary stages of car servicing that you can apply at various mileages.

The better you know, the earlier you can budget. And with regular car servicing, you do save a lot in the long run while maintaining the resale value of your car too!

1. Basic Maintenance:

In this service, the engine oil levels are checked & the color is noted. If the color is clear, then a measured amount is tipped up. If the oil is sooty, it is changed along with the oil filter. Then the mechanic proceeds to rotate the tires for an even wear on the treads. If need be, the wheels are also balanced & aligned to the steering coupling. The air in the tires & the spare is checked to winter/summer requirements. The car’s battery is also topped up with distilled water or appropriate battery fluid. The windshield wiper fluid is also replenished. All procedures are concluded with documentation of the service.

2. Interim Car Servicing:

This service entails all of the basic service procedures and an electrical checkup. The service is mandated for high mileage cars exceeding 20,000 miles twice a year. The car’s mechanical components are also degreased, cleaned & lubricated. Any leaks are patched for their bespoke purposes. The transmission fluid is of particular concern and should be noted for its color, hence a replacement. One may also consult their owner’s manual.

3. Full Car Service:

For a low mileage driver (12,000 – 15,000 miles), a full service is recommended that includes both aspects of basic & interim servicing. Further steps involved are the replacements of worn-out spark plugs, air filters, battery replacement, & brake pads. Depending on the inspection results, major repairs are carried out on the shocks & suspensions. The car’s fan & timing belts are also replaced. The service ends with thorough documentation.

4. Manufacturer’s Recommended Service:

This is the most comprehensive car maintenance package that includes all the servicing as mentioned above. Extensive replacements & repairs are carried out as per the directives in the car owner’s manual. The gearboxes, steering system, engine integrity (gaskets), and the car’s chassis are all checked for soundness. The service is intended to enhance the operational life of the car. The service is completed with all-parts lubrication and conclusive documentation of the car’s service.

That should make it easy for you to plan & budget for the required service intervals of your car. If your car’s servicing interval is coming up as indicated by your annual mileage, don’t hesitate to book a servicing at Lakeland Hyundai.

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