DIY Vehicle Maintenance: 6 Tasks You Can Benefit From!

January 17th, 2022 by

DIY Vehicle Maintenance: 6 Tasks You Can Benefit From!

Many misinformed souls assume vehicle maintenance to be highly expensive and exceptionally problematic for used cars. While that’s all myths, if you feel like saving a few bucks every month & don’t mind the elbow grease, you can manage some aspects of your car’s service yourself!

Knowing DIY car maintenance is not just eco-friendly & money-saving but makes you a responsible owner. The practice also keeps you bright at auto shops if you sense a scam. Here are some maintenance tasks Lakeland Hyundai believes even a novice can easily manage!

1. Engine Oil Routine

Everyone knows what an oil change is but very few know the etiquettes of a DIY oil change. It’s recommended around 3,000-5,000 miles, and the oil warrants a check after long drive times. You will use the dipstick to check the oil levels & the color of the oil to tell whether it needs a top-up or a change.

Start the car and let the engine warm up for a while, then turn it off. Jack the car up on a flat surface and locate the oil drain plug under the car. Drain the oil into a recycling container, check the oil filter for replacement and plug the drain. Then pour the new oil in the engine as recommended, and you’re all good!

2. Coolant Change

Your coolant will need changing at around 25,000 miles or as indicated on your car manual. Do conduct regular checks to ensure the coolant is not accumulating rust or debris. You will need a wrench to remove the radiator cap and an air compressor to get the old coolant out when the time comes. If the coolant looks like chocolate, you better get to the mechanic!

3. Replacing Filters

Check your air filters regularly to ensure the health of your car’s HVAC system. Just pop the hood, locate the filter, unscrew the cover to pull out the dirty filter & replace it with the new one. You might need your owner’s manual to locate your air filter better!

4. Buffing Headlights

Just buy a headlight restoration kit, tape the car body at the edges of the headlights, and follow the instructions on the kit. You can even make your own buffing kit if you understand hardware like buffers, sandpaper, polish & cleaning agents. It’s relatively simple and saves you a lot in the long run!

5. Battery Maintenance

If your car gives a spluttering or delayed start, or your headlights exhibit low intensity, it is probably a weak battery. This routine is regular & you better wear insulation gloves before you start cleaning your battery’s terminals from chemical deposits. You can use baking soda, water, and a wire brush but wear rubber gloves. Top up the electrolyte with distilled water as needed, and all is well!

6. Check & Replace Fuses

For this, you need to read your owner’s manual to know which fuse connects to what electrical component in your car. Locate the fuse box, study the fuses, find the one that’s broken and get a replacement. Done!

You have saved around $100 in covering the activities mentioned above yourself! DIY maintenance makes that much of a significant difference, and these savings can come in handy for more ambitious repairs to further enhance the performance of your car.

Lakeland Hyundai, serving Davenport, FL, has a fully equipped service center that caters to all levels of vehicle maintenance & parts sourcing. We also offer battery, brake, oil & tire service when there is a limitation to your DIY maintenance like wheel balancing, oil purging, & brake pads. We also have a tire-buy special in store!

You can schedule a service & learn more about DIY vehicle maintenance from us!

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