6 Ways To Get Better Gas Mileage

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6 Ways To Get Better Gas Mileage

With inflation rising consistently, it is more important than ever to save money. One way to do this is by getting better gas mileage on your Hyundai car.

You can do many things to improve your fuel efficiency, from simple tips like adjusting your driving style to more complex measures like changing your car’s engine settings. You can take your Hyundai to Lakeland Hyundai, serving the Kissimmee, FL area, for top-quality car maintenance and related services.

This article will discuss various ways you can improve gas mileage on your Hyundai. We hope that by using these tips, you will be able to save money on fuel and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!

Perform Regular Car Maintenance

One of the most vital things you can do to get better gas mileage is to ensure that your car is well-maintained. This means getting regular oil changes, tune-ups, and other services recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

A well-maintained car runs more efficiently and gives better gas mileage than a car not adequately cared for. If you’re unsure what kind of service your Hyundai needs, consult your owner’s manual or ask a professional.

Make Sure Tires are Properly Inflated

Another simple way to get better gas mileage is to ensure your tires are properly inflated. Underinflated tires can cause a car to use more fuel because they create more drag on the road. You can find your car’s recommended tire pressure in the owner’s manual or on a sticker inside the driver’s door.

Use Cruise Control

You can get better gas mileage by using cruise control while driving on the highway. This helps your car maintain a consistent speed, which saves fuel.

Get Rid of Extra Load

Carrying around any extra weight in your car can increase fuel consumption, so try to remove any unnecessary items from your trunk or backseat. If you have something heavy that you need to transport, try to do it in one trip instead of making multiple trips.

Observe the Speed Limit

Speeding uses more gas than driving at a slower, steadier pace. In addition to saving fuel, obeying the speed limit is also safer for you and other drivers on the road.

Avoid Idling

It’s better to turn off the engine if you stop for more than a minute or two because Idling can waste gas and cause environmental damage. Plus, it’s just good practice to conserve fuel whenever possible.

If you’re looking to save money on gas, follow these simple tips. You can improve your fuel economy and get better gas mileage by changing your driving habits and vehicle maintenance routine. Visit Lakeland Hyundai, serving the Kissimmee, FL area, and we’ll help make sure your car is running as efficiently as possible.

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